Indoor cycling – often referred to as “spinning” or “spin class” is a group fitness exercise involving stationary bikes that are designed to mimic outdoor bikes (as opposed to the stationary bikes you might see on many gym floors). In spin class, you’ll pedal your bike to the beat of the music as you are guided and instructed through a 50-minute workout. At Rebel Cycle, we have a few different class formats:

  1. Rhythm rides that are all about beat – in these rides, you’ll cycle while jamming out to amazing playlists, clapping along if you want, and singing along if you’ve got the lung capacity!
  2. Endurance rides that focus more on endurance training – in these rides, you will work to sustain long distances and hill climbs. Endurance rides are great for those who are training for distance cycling events like traithlons or metric century rides – they’re also popular with road cyclists looking to stay conditioned in the winter months.

Each “Cycle to the Beat” class is designed to feel like you’re dancing to your favorite playlist… except you’re on pedals instead of feet. It is NEVER boring. If you LOVE music, this is the class for you. We also take requests if you want to hear your favorite jam in a future spin class.

Because it’s fun. Oh, and you sweat a lot… and you’ll torch stress and burn calories. If you’re in one of our full-body classes, you can also build upper and lower body strength/endurance.

You’ll need any closed-toe athletic shoes you have. We recommend that if you *really* love spin class, you invest in special cycling shoes designed to clip into the pedals and provide a more efficient pedal stroke – you will be happy with the results! If you have more questions about cycling shoes and pedal strokes, you can sign up for our Foundations series HERE.

We recommend wearing clothes that will keep your body cool because it will get WARM in class. You can wear booty-shorts, leggings, skorts, triathlon gear, muscle-tees, whatever! Just be sure to keep “the goods” secure. 😉 Oh, and we recommend if you’re going to wear leggings/pants, that you make sure they’re tight around your ankles (loose pant legs can get caught in the pedals and that’s no fun)!

Oh, we know. Spin class can hurt the bum and the bits. DO NOT FRET, there is hope! Before class, Rebel Crew members will help you find the right fit for you and your bike – we’ll help you adjust the seat and the handlebars to ensure a safe, comfortable ride. If you’d love to learn more about sizing your bike and why it matters, sign up for Foundations of Cycling today!

At Rebel Cycle, we encourage you to do you. If you show up to spin class and it feels rough that day, do what you can when you can. Some days you’ll show up and feel badass as you power through every single song! Some days you won’t. What we’re saying is, it takes time to work up to feeling super strong in any exercise – the key is to keep showing up. We’ve got your back every step of the way.

It means that you’re going to see all kinds of bodies represented in spin class: small bodies, large bodies, fat bodies, thin bodies, muscular bodies, dad bods, so on and so forth. Whatever body you’re in is worthy of health and happiness and we’re here to help you on that journey.

The belief that exercise (especially cardiovascular, intense exercise) is designed solely for weight loss and calorie deficits. Intense cardio exercise is good for the body AND the mind, and we know that when we focus on the latter, the former just falls into place. Anyway, just think about what cardio exercise does for your heart and your lungs! You can’t see those in the mirror… I mean… we hope not.

We are a gritty little operation here at Rebel Cycle, so we ask that you BYOT: Bring Your Own Towel… or old t-shirt… or your ex’s hoodie… whatever you want to use to wipe your sweat!

Often times, people try a spin class and they never go back. There are a few reasons why this happens:

  1. people aren’t taught *how* to use a spin bike or get a good workout on a spin bike
  2. people think they have to do *all* of the things the instructor is doing or they’re not “in-shape” enough for spin class
  3. people aren’t taught how to set up their bike so things just… hurt: knees hurt, butts hurt, bits hurt, etc.

At Rebel Cycle, you have an opportunity to take a class specifically geared (haha, get it?) toward learning how to spin! See the class description and sign-up HERE.

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