Whatever your level and goals, there's a seat here for you.

You can take a spin class at a lot of gyms, but how many of those places specialize in creating an indoor cycling experience? At Rebel Cycle Studio, we spend our time carefully curating each spin class with bada** playlists, dynamic choreography, and high-energy instruction all designed to help you unplug, unwind, and party hard in 60-minute increments.

Rebel Squad leaders will greet you, meet you, and let you choose your own adventure in every spin class – wanna stay seated the whole class? No problem! Just there to chill and clap to the music while pedaling at your own pace? Awesome. Want to be pushed to your limits mentally and physically? We got you.

Wherever you’re at on any given day, Rebel Cycle Studio has the spin class for you. Whether you’re new to indoor cycling or a seasoned pro, a road cyclist looking to train, or a rhythm rider who likes a dance party on a bike, Rebel Cycle Studio is your place.

six women after spin class on a detroit ledge, eating cookies with rainbow sprinkles, clothed in exercise wear


Giving her passion and mission a home.

Founder of Rebel Cycle Studio, Amy Latawiec, first entered the world of fitness when she left a frustrating customer service job and moved into a position working in a warehouse where she was required to do heavy lifting and a whole lot of moving. She quickly fell in love with how she felt after a long day of purposeful movement – and as someone who was a sedentary smoker and drinker, this new feeling served as the impetus for a lifestyle change. A few weeks into her new job, Amy bought a bunch of workout DVDs and a subscription to a health magazine all in an effort to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Headshot of Rebel Cycle Studio Owner Amy

After building a foundation in fitness and falling in love with cycling, Amy began training for triathlons. She competed in just two triathlons before she started to notice that her feet and legs didn’t feel quite right. Confused, concerned, and with increasingly odd symptoms, she brought her concerns to her doctor. In the summer of 2012, Amy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was told that she might soon lose her ability to walk.

With such a love of exercise, the weight of the prognosis felt like a boulder on her heart. And as she faced the foreseeable end to competitive triathlon, she focused her energy on the indoor cycling classes she had long loved – only now, they were the place where she could secure her feet onto the pedals and ride with safety, security, passion, and purpose. Amy poured her heart and soul into every cycling class she taught, leading her fellow riders through heart-pounding, emotionally-charged cardio exercise, all the while reminding everyone that all bodies (especially disabled bodies like her own) are welcome in fitness. No matter what you look like, no matter what you’re coming from or where you’re headed, no matter the challenges you face, indoor cycling is for you.

In the Winter of 2017, Amy decided it was time to give her passion and mission a home and thus Rebel Cycle Studio was born. It is Amy’s hope that at Rebel Cycle Studio, members get the most entertaining, dynamic, badass cardio experience of their lives. At RCS whether you ride with us once or 1,000 times, you are family – you belong.

Did you know?

Amy is also a GRRRL Ambassador!GRRRL Ambassador Amy

You might see her wearing their badass clothes in studio.  For more information, click here!